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A Church in the Metaverse

A Church in the United States surrendered to the possibilities offered by the metaverse and created a virtual environment to promote new spiritual experiences to the faithful.

This is the VR Church, which even went so far as to ordain ministers and baptize believers remotely.

Leading the community is Pastor D.J. Soto, who also preaches in a physical church. Since discovering the AltSpaceVR VR platform, he decided that he would take his time in the virtual world.

Image: (Getty Images)

“The future of the church is the metaverse. It's not an anti-physical thing, I don't think physical meetings should go away. But in the church of 2030, the main focus will be its metaverse campus,” he said, as reported by BeInCrypto.

Soto says that during the first year of the VR Church, the presence of the faithful was scarce, but the situation changed significantly. Currently, the congregation has 200 people, one of them being Garret Bernal.

Due to the social isolation caused by the pandemic, the man was forced to abandon his religious routine, but the lack of preaching made him look for new directions. That's when he decided to try virtual reality in his prayer time.

“I could not have had such an immersive church experience sitting in my pew. I was able to see the scriptures in a new way,” he said, recalling the rocky cliffs and rivers he virtually walked on, while Pastor Solo's avatar guided him through biblical illustrations.

Entering this universe, however, requires the use of some device. As disclosed by UOL, the AltSpaceVR VR platform can be accessed through Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality, Facebook's Oculus or HTC's HTC Vive.

Source: Yahoo Noticias


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