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Telework in Metaverse precursors already a reality in 2022

Gavin Menichini, an Employee of Immersed, works in virtual reality with an Oculus Quest 2 glasses and his company's app (Credit: AFP)

Weiser lives in the US state of Ohio, but works in a virtual reality world that he accesses through a headset. Most people’s conceptions of the internet’s future are still based on science fiction, but a few people outside of the gamer and techno-hipster crowds are already familiar with metaverse visions of the internet’s future.

The company founder Weiser works 25 to 35 hours per week with Oculus VR gear on his head, in his Cincinnati home. With the help of a virtual reality app called “Immersed,” he can shut out the distractions of the real world at home by syncing screens like his computer and smartphone.

Weiser praised the “perfect” ergonomics as well as the “increased focus.” Display screens can be resized and positioned to be visible from any angle.

Weiser appears to be speaking to himself from the outside by tapping on his keyboard. In his virtual world, however, he communicates with colleagues in Argentina and Ireland via avatars. The pandemic led to an increase in the use of telework technologies that allow teams to work together even though they are located in different parts of the country.

Source: Tech Arcanum


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